Our mission is to craft custom-made tipis that not only offer a gateway to the ceremonial richness of indigenous ancestry but also seamlessly blend as art installation pieces and versatile campgrounds. With over a decade of craftsmanship, I take immense pride in uniting my skills with my deep-rooted indigenous heritage. These tipis are an embodiment of both cultural reverence and artistic expression, providing a dual-purpose experience that transcends boundaries.

Drawing inspiration from the landscapes they inhabit, the intricate designs of our tipis are intricately interwoven with the spirit of the land they will grace. The canvas of each tipi becomes a canvas for original murals, carefully handcrafted to stand as singular works of art. Every stroke, color, and motif is tailored to the specific tipi and the environment it embraces. These artistic narratives pay homage to natural beauty, environmental conservation, and the time-honored traditions that define indigenous cultures worldwide.

Beyond their aesthetic allure, our tipis are living manifestations of creativity and heritage. They fulfill the role of immersive art installations while concurrently serving as cherished spaces for dwelling and experience. Infused with the essence of reverence for the earth and its cultural legacy, they beckon inhabitants to engage with sacred rituals and connect with the stories woven into the land. Whether as a retreat on the trail or a haven in one's own abode, these tipis offer an unparalleled blend of artistry, cultural homage, and experiential immersion. Contact Symbols & Treasures to commission or for purchase information.