Our online showroom offers a wide selection of authentically handcrafted items and artwork from around the world that are accessible to the interest of all. We feature celebrated craftsmen and artists of a variety of mediums and share their work and timeless art.


Our mission is to intricately craft custom tipis that serve as gateways to indigenous ancestral ceremonies, while also functioning as art installations and sanctified spaces for immersive experiences. Infusing over a decade of craftsmanship with profound indigenous heritage, these tipis encapsulate both cultural veneration and artistic ingenuity, offering a boundary-defying dual-purpose experience, click here to learn more.

Handcrafted mosaic stone inlay designs with Tibetan Turquoise, Red Coral & Lapis Lazuli.  These designs are a cross section of indigenous beliefs, universal truth, and passed down symbols as well as folklore of the cosmos.