Plant Growth Lamp

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120W 1365 LEDs LED Plant Grow Light Panel Lamp Blue Red Full Hydroponic AU

Key Features:

It can provide all the light a plant needs to grow and flower, to help plant grow quicker an better , increase yield .
It's simple. High yields, low heat and less electricity.
Supplement sunlight, especially in winter months when daylight hours are short. .
increase the length of the "day" in order to trigger specific growth and flowering and help plants grow quicker , decrease growth circle .
Warm to touch -- won't burn plant . No high wattage cooling systems needed.
120 watt Equivalent and actual power consumption just about 50w±5%, super energy saving (more than 70%) and high luminous efficiency.


Light type: LED Plant Grow Light Panel
Output power: 120W
Led tips: 100% new Epistar
Led quantity: 1365 leds
Input voltage: AC85-265V
Net weight: 1300g
Housing material: Aluminium
Safety standard: CE and ROHS
Storage condition: -40~85 degree
Working temperature: <65°C
Led configuration: 234pcs Blue and 1131pcs Red
LED wavelength: Red:660nm ; Blue:460nm
Plug : AUplug
Package Include: 1x 120w grow light with satinless hanging kit and power cord (AU Plug for Australia Buyer!!!)

How specific wavelength works:

Blue (wavelength: 430nm, 460nm): Help plants grow
Red (584nm 660nm, help plants Flowering) : Help plants grow and flowering.
Lifespan: 60000-100000 hours .

What kind of plants you can grow with our LED Grow lights?

All kinds of flower plants: medical plants tomatoes, chilli, eggplant , Rose ect.
All kinds of greens : herbs and leafy vegetables, lettuce , bok choy ect .
Also suitable for Indoor garden or indoor potted landscape